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Entourage Complete Series

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Entourage Complete Series features an Emmy-award winning Cast and Crew of this hit comedy series created by Doug Ellin, and based partly on the experiences of his buddy, Oscar- nominated actor Mark Wahlberg, who also serves as one the series’ executive producers. The series takes a none-too-serious look at the day-to-day life of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), an ever-blazing young Hollywood actor, and his three buddies, whom he brought with him from their hometown in Queens, NY. These friends of his are his manager, Eric (Kevin Connolly), his half brother/actor Drama (Kevin Dillon), and his pal, Turtle (Jerry Ferrara). Entourage Complete Series also stars Golden Globe and the three-time Emmy-award winner, Jeremy Piven, as Ari Gold – now heading an entertainment agency heavyweight. Entourage Complete Series draws inspiration from the experiences of the inside men in the movie industry, not only to illustrate the excess of lucrative celebrity lifestyle, but also the difficulty to maintain the balance between arts and relationships on the fast lane of showbiz.
Entourage Complete Series is all that viewers have come to expect from an HBO series: hilarious, witty and highly addictive, especially when viewed in the full season DVD format. The plot of Entourage Complete Series follows the life of Vincent Chase (Adrian Grenier), a rising Hollywood star with sexy eyes and an over-drive libido, along with his three childhood companions, who are industry hopefuls. Kevin Dillon plays Johnny Drama, the Vincent’s less attractive, and the B list actor. Jerry Ferrara plays Turtle, the weasel, and Kevin Connolly appears as Eric, the Everyman hero who hopes to leverage on his friendship with Vincent, to embark on a career in talent management. The cast of Entourage Complete Series is further accentuated by Jeremy Piven’s role as a foul-mouthed agent reminiscent of the “Peter Dragon” character. Go get your copy, it’s entertaining.

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