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We all remember the moment we all chanced upon Netflix Canada – ah, the bliss of finding the absolute jam packed paragon of Good Movies on Canadian Netflix and TV shows that we could not control our excitement! No more DVDs, no more videotapes, no more waiting for our favorite shows to air on HBO: no sir, none of that anymore but Netflix – Netflix and chill. Have you been looking for good movies on the Canadian Netflix? You have landed on the right planet – our website has rankings and suggestions that help readers to discover the best movies on Netflix Canada and helps them to open to new kinds and genres of movies all the same to the Good Movies on Canadian Netflix.

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What Makes the Good Movies on Canadian Netflix- Good?

Good Movies on Canadian Netflix? Of course when we talk of movies we are almost always plagued by the idea of the “good” movie because most of us – and the movie geeks specifically – are more than merely eager to avoid the tonnes of “bad movies.” And there are a bunch of good movies on Canadian Netflix. Often people wonder what the features of a good movie are, of what the standards are that set apart a good movie from a bad one. While various ranking sites offer to enlighten viewers with ratings most of them are viewer-voted, and hence make up for a poor overall verdict. There are however, surefire ways of finding out what makes a movie great and legendary, something true movie buffs learn to do with time and exposure; and in a short while these people – whom we call the “movie geeks” – acquire a developed taste in movies.  Be your own movie geek and decide the Good Movies on Canadian Netflix.

You can always, for a start, turn to any movie geeks you know to guide you and tell you which movie to watch next, maybe tell them what genres you prefer and they will help you more pointedly. Film critics do much the same thing except for the fact that film critics are more skeptical and more academic in their own manner. A movie geek will rely on the plot and the acting – a film critic will take into consideration all aspects of the film, from the director to the amount of CGI used, in order to give his judgment of the Good Movies on Canadian Netflix. With time, however, given that you keep spending time watching good movies you will yourself get to the stage where you will have acquired taste enough to tell the Good Movies on Canadian Netflix apart from a bad ones, good acting apart from bad acting, good graphics apart from bad graphics, so on and so forth – in the end it all ends with exposure: the higher the level of your exposure, the more refined and developed your taste in movies will become.

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Do Bad Movies Really Exist?

What most viewers and readers fail to understand is that the verdict of Good Movies on Canadian Netflix and bad movies almost always depends heavily upon one fundamental factor: that being, their preference. What might float one person’s boat will not float another’s, and thus one person might love one movie just as much as the other might hate it, because in the end it mostly comes down to preferences. Let’s say if person A is into epic fantasies like Lord of the Rings and Beowulf, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyone else should think the Peter Jackson legends are great – for all we know, person B could be into slasher movies like SAW, and person C could be into historical drama like Troy.

People differ, their likes and dislikes differ, and their tastes in movies similarly differ. In fact there are some movies out there that are critically acclaimed and praiseworthy to extreme heights but have generated little interest among viewers, because a particular group of people like the specific genre. This could be said for David Lynch movies – Eraserhead, for example, could turn out as nonsensical and beyond normal bounds of comprehension for the larger audience but for those into surrealism it remains one of the best movies ever made. Similarly Ingmar Bergman’s Persona is not often received as a deep, complex psychological drama but to a certain sect of people the black-and-white Swedish masterpiece stands next to plain philosophy. The same could be said for any number of films which do not appear to be good because they don’t happen to be blockbusters or popular, but are catalogued in the Library of Congress nonetheless, are critically commendable and appeal to a particular type of people.  So there are a lot more Good Movies on Canadian Netflix then prior anticipated.

Diversity and Preferences Within Canada

Canada, as it turns out, is a country full of diversities and its people are packed with a diverse manner of likes and dislikes, preferences and aversions, it should come as no surprise then that such diversity gives rise to a diverse taste in films that differs from person to person. Constancy is not to be found among the unmistakably robust, delightfully and culturally diverse folk of Canada – at once ranging from the romantic to the political, from the tragic to the comical, this nation envelopes all aspects of human life and of course has a wide berth of multiplicity to be found in its movie predilections.

Canada’s culture is as diverse as its history is rich and laden with various kinds and races of people settling down it – even today Canada remains a country of immigrants, and proudly so. Such diversity and heterogeneous composition of country and culture no doubt accounts for diversity in the likes and dislikes of its people too! People are wont to like and dislike certain things based on their preference and predilection!  This diversity is noted in the good movies on Canadian Netflix.

A Cliche Challenge: Try Something New

While the issue of likes and dislikes remains, what also is a problem is some viewer’s obstinate refusal to abandon their preferred genre even for a short period of time. As is a common failing unto our race, we humans seldom like to go beyond our comfort zones and explore new territories, experiment with new genres. If you didn’t like The Fault in Our Stars it doesn’t necessarily mean that all Romantic movies are bad – perhaps you should try watching Pride and Prejudice or Jane Eyre. It doesn’t suit well that one should judge all movies belonging to one genre based on their perception of just one movie. One should always be experimenting and trying something new – who knows you might find something you really like but didn’t even know existed?  Expand you comfort zone and find the Good Movies on Canadian Netflix!

The argument comes down to the maxim that what we think are “good” movies- Good Movies on Canadian Netflix is just a subjective speculation on our part wherein we base our decree upon a few of the movies that we have watched while we remain largely unaware of so many others! Be sure to check out our website ranking to get acquainted with even more and even better flicks!  Good Movies on Canadian Netflix are waiting for you!

“Good” is Subjective. Find your “Good”!

Good Movies on Canadian Netflix are difficult to come by owing to their excessive production these days by the filming industries but when it comes to Netflix Canada it’s an absolute heaven for film lovers and movie geeks alike. In fact there are so many good movies on Canadian Netflix that instead of wondering whether there is a good movie available to watch or not you start thinking which movie to watch?

They’re all that good and each one as alluring as any other. Of course as we have explained, the decision of deciding whether certain flicks are good or bad are more or less subjective, they mostly depend on our preferences and thus it mostly depends on what you like. Even so, there is a treasury of amazing movies to be watched – so what exactly are you waiting for?