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Best of Netflix Canada offers reviews and recommendation on the best and worst movies in the Netflix Canada exclusives genre. Here we talk about five movies – what’s good and bad about them and the top pick.


Best of Netflix Canada is the most thorough website as far as Netflix movie reviews are concerned. Netflix is considered a powerhouse of entertainment, due to its massive movie selections and an equally impressive classic TV library.

Best of Netflix Canada is your resource for the Netflix in all the categories. Best of Netflix Canada for readers what’s hot on Netflix Canada and what’s not. So you do not waste you Saturday binge-watching seasons of average shows.

The best of Netflix Canada offer exclusive reviews of the movies available on Netflix along with our recommendations. In the action/thriller and comedy docudrama category, many movies stand out. The films reviewed below by best of Netflix Canada fall in different subcategories, like action comedy, an action thriller (war), an action for children, etc. This category is popular with mostly men looking for their daily dose of adrenaline rush. We have also carefully reviewed the movies before making them into best of netflix canada as well.

Below we will give you a synopsis, premises, season recaps and our recommendation on the top pick of best of Netflix Canada along with reviews. If you think you have more to say, don’t hesitate in leaving the comment below. So, here are the movies that we think are the Best of Netflix Canada.

30 Minutes or Less

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30 minutes or less is an 80-minute comedy action/thriller film starring Jesse Eisenberg (the actor in the movie The Social Network) as Nick. A highly educated pizza delivery guy who becomes an unwilling pawn in a bank robbery heist pulled by two aspirant criminals Dwayne. The story is on him and his moronic partner Travis (Danny McBride and Nick Swardson).

Nick is a college dropout who is living a low-key life delivering pizza in his abysmal car. The story takes a wild turn when he crosses paths with two masterminds Dwayne and Travis looking to raise 100, 000 dollars to pay to a hitman to kill Dwayne’s father (Fred Ward) for insurance money.
They fasten explosives in a vest on to Nick and force him to rob a bank giving him a window of nine hours to pull the gig. Horrified Nick enlists the help of his friend and a high school teacher Chet (Aziz Ansari). Turns out Chet’s ability to tell kids off as a teacher and Nick’s driving as a delivery guy is just about the right set of skills required to pull a successful bank robbery.
The movie is directed by Ruben Fleischer (the director of movie Zombieland), and it is filmed at Grand Rapids MI in the summer of 2010


This movie as lots of fun, engaging and dramatic! No wonder why it comes into best of Netflix Canada

– Empire Times

People who are dying heart fans of Jesse Eisenberg may find this film watchable. This movie does deliver some action and a few laughable (read chuckle-able) moments scattered here and there. The plot is medium to high. People felt that the cast of the movie was really strong and action was good. Some people liked the directness of the film and the crazy action it was thrown at you. Best of Netflix Canada found out that some viewers appreciated that the humor felt natural and was blended in the zany storyline. A good mix of action, comedy, thrill and even a small bit of romance. The screenplay was much appreciated even though it was Diliberti’s first produced screenplay.


this is how long will someone stay in the theatre, and wished they’d read the reviews first..

– Bob Honson

Best of Netflix Canada feels that the film drags at a pace aimed at annoying the audience enough to watch it once. More chaotic than funny, there are only three sets of characters throwing insults and bad language at each other. People who rate this as best of Netflix Canada, also say that all scenes are over within seconds even the bank robbery scene which was in a way supposed to be the climax or leading up to it at least. Jokes were tepid, to say the least, and most people reviewed them as crude or lewd.

Also those who voted for best of netflix canada found out that the plot of the movie was based on a true story, which makes it a little insensitive to make a comedy movie out of it, as Nick’s character died in real life. Jesse’s (Nick) character is slightly negative; self –hater and a loser and most of the time critics have said that Jesse’s dialogue delivery was somewhat bland. Overall the critics have not rated this movie highly and have said that the screenplay and dialogues let an incredible cast down.


Best of Netflix Canada suggest that the movie is an above average action thriller. The film is an eye candy and can be a space filler or can be watched just to check the box. If you are getting bored out of your bones on a dull summer afternoon, then you may as well watch 30 minutes or less for a few chuckles (or possibly a shock therapy), but get yourself a DVD instead of a cinema ticket. However don’t keep your hopes too high and do not expect to be entertained through your teeth. Let us know what you think of it as well- does it deserve to be in best of netflix canada. We have had our mixed reviews on this movie making it to the best of netflix canada, so share you thoughts too!

8 Mile

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8 miles is a story of Jimmy “B-Rabbit” Smith Jr. (Eminem/ Marshall Bruce Mathers III) who grew up in a place called 8 miles, the dividing line from the ghetto-poor black neighborhood and the upper class in Detroit. Frustrated with his day job as a blue-collar worker Jimmy moves north of 8 miles to a rundown trailer home in Wareen, to live with his addicted mom Stephanie (Kim Basinger) and younger sister Lily (Chole Greenfield) and his abusive boyfriend, Greg (Michael Shannon).

Jimmy aspirations to become a rapper got mired when he choked in the middle of a rap battle. Given that Jimmy is white he continues to struggle to make his name in the underworld dominated by blacks.
Jimmy gets out of his victim mentality and begins to take control of his circumstances. He sees his music as a way to get his anger out and let him rise above his circumstances. In the Climax Jimmy battles it out with a rap group called “The Leaders of the Free World.” In the final round, he is pitched against the most feared rapper of the tournament “Papa Doc” (Anthony Mackie). Jimmy reveals the truth about Papa Doc calling him a “halfway crook” and makes references to his privileged background. The audience cheers and Papa leaves the stage. Jimmy walk out a winner.


The movie is a perfect description of how you can lure your emotions into music, and make a yell.

– A critique on Rotten Tomatoes

Best of Netflix Canada found that this movie is supposed to be based on Eminem’s true life story. He, However, the movie is not really about that. Moreover, that is a fresh change from the clichéd world of hungry inspiration audience. Jimmy is not portrayed as an inspiration for others.
Best of Netflix Canada felt that the theme of an underdog/Slumdog being struck by a thunderbolt and rising to fame had been used to death in every other movie. That is the best part is there are no victims. All these exchanges just build Eminem little by little to refine and define who he is. As a singer, Marshal is dark and brooding and as an actor, he has not tried to hide his dark side. Well, he is playing himself in the movie which looks like an easy task, but many actors have been unsuccessful at it before.


the movie is overly familiar but had enough room to make it more engaging. Just like many others anonymous commentators at IMDB also said

– Rotten Tomatoes

Best of Netflix Canada found that some critics felt they could not relate to Eminem at all, as most of the time he is just thinking and sitting by himself. The range of emotions he displays is only two, angry and furious. There are only three sets in the entire movie and rapping is also shown in snippets. “We don’t see Eminem rap as much as we see others rapping.” Also, some have complained about a blue cap that he wore in each and every scene. Eminem has a dark side to him and his dark sides come out a few shades darker in this movie and some people just got turned off by that. So yes, that is one negative when we put this movie into best of netflix canada.


Best of Netflix Canada rates the movie as follows. Up votes for inclusion of 8 Mile into best of netflix canada have triumphed to those who didn’t want it to be included in best of netflix canada, but here’s our take to it.
Overall, this movie is about a niche subject the Freestyle World of rap and hip hop. To people who are not from this arena may find the film pointless, boring or unrelatable, however, to individuals who listen to hip-hop or understand its vocabulary will find themselves rapping to its music scores.
An Oscar-winning movie and winner of 12 other awards, best of Netflix Canada suggest not the pass this film as it is likely to become a classic over time. Of all the movies reviewed by best of Netflix Canada this movie is ranked among the top. Eminem himself makes the music of the movie- is this one of the reason why it makes into best of netflix canada?

300 Rise of an Empire

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300 rises of an Empire is a sequel or prequel or parallel to the blockbuster movie 300 (2007), in fact, it is like the first movie in style and substance. To the extent that the cinematography, the CGIs, and the settings were at least the same as the original movie or maybe much less riveting and with less intensity. The film also follows the slow-mo to the fast-mo pattern for the battle scenes to the T just like done in the movie 300.

The film starts when Persian King Darius (Igal Naor) is killed by Greek General Themistocles (Sullivan Stapleton) in a costume of Ming. On his deathbed, Darius tells his son Xerxes (Rodrigo Santoro) and Naval commander Artemis (Eva Green) to leave the Greeks alone as only gods can defeat them. Artemis then encourages Xerxes to become god-king by dipping in a lake of gold. Xerxes has a minor role as a god-king.

The movie tells the story of a battlefield where Themistocles tries to unite the Spartans to fight the invading Persians under the leadership of Xerxes and naval commander Artemisia. From there on the movie is aimed at men as its audience who are looking for fantasy, blood splatter, screaming soldiers and all the effects that modern cinema has to offer. The movie offers back stories to lots of characters like Eva Greene’s character and Xerxes mortal-god-like character.


Story was something similar, but I am glad they did not name it 600, because they just doubled the gore, and sex in it.

– IMDB user

Best of Netflix Canada feels that overall, the performance of actors was somewhat bland other than Eva, the seductress villainess, and the dialogues and plot were a rehash of the movie 300. The entire 103 minutes that the movie runs, it runs along the same line and at the same pace. The slow motion to fast motion action sequence that was invented by the movie 300 franchise and was repeated in this movie as well, has gotten old and overused.
On the technical side, CGI’s green screen was visible which is a letdown, and the blood looked fake. Another bad thing was there was too much reference to the movie 300.


The plot was compelling, engaging, and the action was more realistic than before.

– James Dien of The Times

Best of Netflix Canada feels that the film offers some form of entertainment, but CGI effects were not carried out properly, and aesthetics seemed forced. Blu- Ray lends astonishing effects and realism to the film where sweat and blood can be seen glistening and hanging in the air. The blue ray does give a stunning audio and video quality that fans will find hard to resist.

Premised on Frank Miller’s novel and following the style of 300 the movie is passable and entertaining. Eva Green turned out to be a hero regarding performance and magnetism even though she is the villain in the movie.


Best of Netflix Canada rates the movie as Overall, a watchable movie for guys looking for fun and Eva Greene’s performance. The movie had a great hero and a great villain, lots of bad ass action, cutting of throats and splitting open of guts, plus powerful war speeches. These are enough to make into best of netflix canada. The movie offers all the fighting, screaming, blood splattering and the works that the audience are looking for. Best of Netflix Canada would rate the movie as above average regarding its overall entertainment value. Is better than its prequel to be included into best of netflix canada?

 22 Jump Street

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After the enormous success of 21 Jump Street, which is also a best of netflix canada, Jenko (Jonah Hill) and Schmidt (Channing Tatum) return to more action-filled comedy thriller sequel 22 Jump Street. In this sequel the double action, the duo is out to crack down on yet another drug ring, but this time in college. Directed by Phil Lord and Christan Miller the movie carries mostly the same plot with different jokes. The only surprise (or no surprise) in the plot is when Jenko and Schmidt’s relationship is strained under pressure, just like typical college students’, when Jenko ties up with a friend football jock while Schmidt scores (with much ease) with a girl way out of his league. This was done to add a surprise to the plot. However, nothing juicy there, and it was sort of, and still is formulaic.

While on the wild goose chase for the ever so elusive drug dealer the Ghost the movie offers regular cop-thief drama, shootouts, car chases, grenades and the works. After a few unsuccessful attempts at cracking the Ghost, they find a lead. Just to add a bit of zing to this otherwise simple recipe the college breaks for summer and there you have the regular, beach and bikinis lure with booze, beer, and alcohols. Finally, there is a high profile chase involving a helicopter in which Jenko successfully blows up the Ghost’s helicopter using a grenade. The duo returns to the land and reconciles among the applauding crowd. Dickson enters and announces a new mission as undercover med students.


a dewetted waste of time, and certainly makes Dumb and Dumber a pure state of the art movie, as compared to this one

– Bob Hoose

Best of Netflix Canada found out that to some people this movie is just another silly treat, milking on the success of its predecessor. However, the trouble with sequels is that the expectations have already been set at a level. The storyline is pretty much textbook and so is the screenplay. Too much bad language and excessive use swear words and use of drugs and booze are just about all there is to this movie. It is a remake of the same old movie where the actors are too scared to try anything new lest they may make the audience unhappy. Best of Netflix Canada feels that overall it fails massively on originality.


22 Jump Street is damn funny, sometimes outrageously so. It laughs at its own dumb logic and invites us in on the fun

– Peter Travers- Rolling Stones

Best of Netflix Canada feels, however, to be fair the movie was funny. 90 percent of the jokes were laughable, and the chemistry between the two cops is still intact. The budgets were upped, and the stunts were more high powered. There was nothing as such you want to complain unless you are a perfectionist and looking for intelligent wit inside the story. The movie gets better in the ¾ part and has proper end credits.
“Something good and appropriately stupid” is just about the correct words for this number as most people watch films for mindless entertainment and not for lessons on arts and world history. This is how best of Netflix Canada sees it.


Best of Netflix Canada recommends this approaching this movie with caution. Overall, the film has that laurel and hardy type charm and builds on the franchise. If you are just looking to kill the next one and half hour without taxing your brain into anything serious, do watch it by all means. Good for a few laughs if your expectations are realistic.
One surprise is the credits for best of Netflix Canada at the end of the movie which shows two of them doing mock sequel undercover and monographs which turned out to be better than the movie itself. Best of Netflix Canada would recommend watching the movie for stupid fun and not for inspiration.
It does into the list of best of Netflix Canada, but many critics are negatives about the plot.

101 Dalmatians

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The 101 Dalmatian premise is pretty simple and appeals to the young lot for whom this movie is created- no wonder it is one of the kind movie, and has the potential to get into best of Netflix Canada

Roger (Ben Wright), musicians, lives alone with this pet dog Dalmatian Pongo (Rod Taylor) and is practically married to his work. His Dalmatian Pongo, in an attempt to jumpstart Roger’s love life follows a woman Anita (Lisa Davis) and her Dalmatian Perdita (Cate Bauer) to a park. With a little bit of push from Pongo, Roger and Anita are smitten and in love. Within 15 minutes of the reel and without much fluff there are 15 puppies in a basket as Pongo also married Perdita.

One day they get a visit from a relative who also happens to be the villain Cruella De Ville (Betty Lou), and she offers to buy the entire litter as she plans to turn them into fur coats. From there on action and thrill begins when the puppies are kidnapped, and their search leads to 99 missing Dalmatian puppies.

Cruella is by far the most famous villain of Disney films and her character is still found roaming in the Disneyland.
Best of Netflix Canada feels that the 101 Dalmatians Diamond Edition on blue ray is primarily the Blu ray conversion of the same tape. Blu Ray conversations done by Disney in the past have not gone well for e.g. movies like Cinderella. Disney had bought many movies for Blu-ray conversion, but most of them turned out to be horrible.


An epic fail

– A Critique from Plugged In

Best of Netflix Canada found that historically, 101 Dalmatian came out at a time of uncertainty for Disney. In an attempt to cut costs to stay in business Disney started to Xerox its drawings directly to the cell. While it helped reduce costs but the prints from those days had a rather rough pencil lines feel visible due to the Xerox process. Critics Roger Ebert reviewed the movie as, plain passable fun for families and called it rather ordinary. He felt that film was uneven with bits of in of inspiration and not one of the best Disney Classics. Best of Netflix Canada’s viewers felt that 101 Dalmatian is not in the same league as other Disney Classics like Snow White and Pinocchio.


Charming live-action version of the children’s doggy tale.

– Angie Errigo from Empire

Best of Netflix Canada found that this was the last movie that Walt sat through and oversaw and hence the movie has character, depth, and genuineness. Most viewers have felt that movie offers a lot in term of fun value and suspense. The role of Cruella is first rate, and people cannot just seem to praise her enough. The sketchiness of Xerox era is very reminisced of that time. While converting to blu-ray for HD Disney tries to smooth out the lines. However for 101 Dalmatian that was not done so. Most viewers found that endearing. Best of Netflix Canada will rate the movie in one of the good classics from that time.


Best of Netflix Canada will not call it must watch but will certainly call it a movie not to be passed on as well. The good fun family movie, which has achieved the classic status. Since it is the Diamond Edition Disney has packed in some bonus features. First off they have added a 2-minute animation footage “The further adventure of Thunderbolt,” which is an animated footage about TV dog Thunderbolt, seen during the beginning of the movie when the puppies are watching television. However the style is different, and one can tell that the footage is new.Lucky dogs is another feature for the diamond edition where the alumni artist discuss the dark times at Disney. Let us know if you think it is worthy to be included into best of netflix canada


Best of Netflix Canada would recommend the movie 8 miles as the top pick out of the five movies reviewed above, for obvious reasons. First of all, it won an Oscar and 12 other awards along with 21 nominations. The plot or premise is incredibly original and offers a refreshing break from the regular formula movies that are clamoring for box office receipts and audience attention. The movie is not about inspiration, or winning or any other form of competition. It is about looking inwards and being in yourself which is something lacking in today’s world that just can’t stop talking. It offers a form of quiet meditation and may bring you to a point where may want to ask some difficult questions. The movie has also won the best original soundtrack award, and the songs are excellent. No wonder why it made into best of netflix canada, and had the highest votes and good critics at the end. Definitely one of the best of netflix canada


The best of Netflix Canada, rates movies through a rigorous process and makes pertinent recommendations. Netflix has tons of movies in this category, and they are the best collection to date at any given time. The films that are rated 2 or 2.5 stars are also pretty good by most people’s standard. After all, people watch action movies for a little bit of stupid fun and nothing too severe or gory. We take respite in the fact that the blood is fake, and the actors are unharmed. The movies that are streaming at any given time there is at least a dozen that can be considered “good” or very “good.”
Best of Netflix Canada keeps pace with Netflix and routinely reviews and recommends and reviews the movies that appear in the Netflix catalog. If you regularly check back on best of Netflix Canada, you will get a good picture of the movies currently streaming and will not waste your time binge watching substandard movies. You deserve best of netflix canada!
Best of Netflix Canada is your resource and your best reference point as far as movies and drama series on Netflix are concerned.

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