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In this article, you will find detailed information regarding some of the best of Netflix Canada. You will learn a little about the movie, what people thought of it, as well as a rating on the quality.


Netflix is undoubtedly the most popular internet platform for streaming top quality movies and television shows from every genre or year you could ever imagine. With its very easy to get a hang of the user-friendly interface, it is a great selection, and it is low-cost membership there is no wonder why it is the leader in its category. The best of Netflix Canada is that you get direct access to shows which are made by Netflix and only found on this website. Some of best of

The best of Netflix Canada is that you get direct access to shows which are made by Netflix and only found on this website. Some of best of Netflix Canada shows that are made from Netflix have become some of the most popular shows in the world. One of the most popular genres, and also considered as best of Netflix Canada, on Netflix is their horror section where you can find loads of awesome memorable Halloween movies that are sure to send chills down your spine.

They are best of netflix canada for a reason!Everyone enjoys a good scary movie, and Netflix does an excellent job of giving you many options for your next movie night. In this article, you will be learning some great information about these best of netflix canada scary movies. You will learn more about the storyline, the good and the bad of it, and also ratings by actual viewers on what they thought about the movie when they finished watching it. If you think any other movie could’ve made to best of netflix canada, do not hesitate in leaving us a comment below. So here are the best of netflix canada by us:

The Evil Dead

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First one among best of netflix canada is The Evil Dead. The Evil Dead movie is a great horror movie that starts out with a character named Mia played by an actress (Jane Levy) who is highly addicted to hard drugs.

Although she is addicted, she is doing her best to get rid of this bad habit. Knowing that she is not going to be able to kick this habit all by herself, she enlists the help of her friends and family to help her get over this drug addiction.

They decide to take Mia to a cabin which is deep in the woods to help her cope with her withdraws that she will be suffering once she no longer has access to these drugs. During this time at the cabin in the woods, character Eric discovers a book which turns out to be ‘the book of the dead’ which when read will summon demons from an ancient time. Unknowing of the trouble that is ahead of them, Eric starts to read from the book and awakens the ancient demon which finds a new home within Mia and possess her. From this moment on Mia is no longer Mia and her friends are in for a terrifying night where they must fight to survive.


“We enjoyed this movie and got a great laugh out of some of the comedy that was planted in it. It was a great remake and kept entertaining throughout the plot.”

– Igor Reviews at IMDB

One of the better aspects of this movie that makes it get into best of netflix canada which some people may disagree with is its ultra high use of gore in their imagery. Not everyone is a big fan of blood and guts but if you are, then you will be pleased when watching this movie. Along with gore, this movie is also a remake and includes many things from the original which most will find appropriate such as the large slapping door, the evil faces from the back, and the woods attacking the main character. The originality one of best of netflix canada you’ll see.


“The only parts worth watching from the Evil Dead you can see from the trailer. That’s it.”

– Amazon Review writer

Some of the negative points of the Evil Dead movie is that this horror flick fails to shock the audience, scare, or even provoke a similar response. Instead, the film focuses more on the characters and most specifically the gore. The problem is the gore aspect of the film also fails to impress. This is not to say that the movie was not well made. Everything seems right on the exterior, but once you peel back a few layers of this onion, you start to see issues with the story which are not typically found in the best of the best.


While it does make it to best of Netflix Canada, but overall, this movie is a good one. Sure you might be disappointed if you expected an exact replica of the first Evil Dead movie. The storyline has been changed, they excluded a lot of the comedy from the original, but it’s still a solid film none the less. If you are into bloody movies that show you all the gore then this is a perfect movie to watch. There is no lack of gore in this movie and it is done very well which will please any gore junkie. This movie is highly recommended and will leave you scared from beginning to end. Definitely to included in best of netflix canada.


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The second most voted movie for best of netflix canada was the Ghostbusters. The movie Ghostbusters is a brilliant story about three quirky scientists who have made it their job and duty to rid the city of New York of ghosts. They take plenty of pleasure in destroying these demons with their hand made weapons. The Ghostbusters team is based in an old abandoned firehouse where they run their business out of.

They specialize in trapping ghosts with their special box mechanism or they vaporize them with their ray guns. The Ghostbusters make a pretty penny getting rid of ghosts for people who are being haunted. During one of the Ghostbusters jobs, they come across a gateway hidden deep in the city which is a doorway to another dimension.

The only problem with this is that it releases an evil which no one has ever seen before. They are in a race against time to stop this scourge before it destroys the entire city. Armed with their high tech gadgets and bravery, the Ghostbusters set off to save the Big Apple before there is nothing left to save. Will they succeed?


“Even though you watch this movie one hundred times, it will still make you laugh regardless. It is one of those classic comedies you just can’t get enough of.”

– Bustle.com

Well of course there’s some good that pulls it in best of netflix canada. When watching the Ghostbusters movie you will soon realize that it is one of the more genuinely funny comedies out there. Those who voted for it to be among best of netflix canada they say, It does rely heavily on the dialogue between characters for each laugh where other comedies rely on the imagery.

Billy Murray who plays the main character gives an amazing performance playing Venkman who is the leader of the Ghostbusters team. He truly delivers a stellar performance and is the absolute glue that holds that cast together. Another reason this movie makes it to best of netflix canada is that this movie is riddled with one liners that you will be sure to be reciting in everyday dialogue for years to come.


“It is difficult to find a character that you really like or relate to. It seems like the main character was trying desperately to be funny”

– Bob Heins, from Plugged In

Well let’s start off with the bad of Ghostbusters. Some may say that this movie is horrendously overrated and depending on your feelings about paranormal activity you may be right. The storyline and plot

The storyline and plot does have a very inconsistent feel to it where scenes are jumbled together without any real structure. The comedy in Ghostbusters also tries a little too hard and fails miserably about one-third of the time. The blockbuster superstars in this movie definitely hold it together but I imagine without them this movie would not be anything close to what it has become over the last few decades.


Voters for best of Netflix Canada think that the Ghostbusters movie is a true classic which has stood the test of time and came through shining on the other side. Although it was shot in the mid 80’s audiences from the present will still be entertained by its style of comedy. This movie is on many movie buffs top list and there is a strong reason for it. The Ghostbusters cast has put on a performance that you just can not find anywhere else. The Ghostbuster cast chemistry is so strong that it keeps you thoroughly entertained from the beginning of the movie to the end of the movie.

Child’s Play 2

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Third movie among the best of netflix canada is the Child’s Play 2. Child’s Play 2 is an absolute classic horror movie which was geared towards younger children. It features a talking doll which goes on a rampage murdering everybody who is foolish enough to stand in its way.

The main character Andy Barclay has been put into a foster care home after the bad things that happened in the first. Andy’s mother was placed in a mental institution for crimes committed by Chucky. The manufacture of the Good Guy Dolls received a lot of flack for their doll so in this movie they have reconstructed Chucky in an attempt to sway the public’s opinion about their company.

This could potentially bankrupt the company so they must do everything in their power to get back on track and show everybody that they were not responsible for the evil doing. The only problem is while they were recreating the new Good Guy Dolls they inadvertently brought back the soul of serial killer Charles Lee Ray giving him new life. With this new life he has a mission and one mission only. To find Andy and transfer his soul in an attempt to save his own life. If Chucky fails, he is doomed to be a doll forever. People who voted for this for best of netflix canada, loved Andy!


“It is better than the previous one”

– Movie Bing

There are many positives when it comes to the movie Child’s Play 2, enough to make it to best of Netflix Canada. There is a perfect mix of suspense and comedy which compliment each other which you rarely find in horror movies (no wonder why it makes to best of Netflix Canada).

The creators have hit the nail on the head with this film by giving you some funny but not long before they spook you once more. The cast is strong with leading actor Brad Dourif playing the voice of Chucky. He puts on an excellent performance as he did in the first movie. Almost too good of a performance where you start rooting for the bad guy. The mix of horror and fun hardly seen, even among the movies that are best of netflix canada.


“Well made movie? Sure it’s alright but it’s a tough movie to watch to the end”

– Cannes.com

Child’s Play 2 has some issues which make it hard for some to watch. Mainly that the entire movie Chucky is the vocal point for almost all the main scenes. As a horror movie this is hard because he is the “bad guy” but you’re forced to almost follow his lead and by doing so you end up liking him. It doesn’t work well and confuses viewers. There is absolutely nothing wrong with actor Brad Dourif voice for the role of Chucky. As a matter of fact he does an excellent job. The issues are with the script in this movie- that’s what most of the responders for best of netflix canada say.


Many voters for best of Netflix Canada say that the movie Child’s Play 2 is an absolute classic that you will find yourself watching every few years. It is true that the movie was created for a younger audience, but the great thing about it is as an adult you can still have a good time watching this movie. The comedy is also the best of Netflix Canada, and in this movie it is light enough for children to view but still good enough for adults to enjoy. No matter how you look at it, the Child’s Play 2 movie has been one of the most talked about horror movies and best of Netflix Canada since it is release and will continue to be for a long time to come. We won’t be surprised if it stays among best of Netflix Canada for a longer period of time.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

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Here comes the fourth movie that is best of netflix canada. The Nightmare Before Christmas is an absolutely stunning animated movie which is unlike anything you have ever heard or seen. It is mixed with dark imagery from beginning to end but is light at the same time. The movie contains timeless musical scenes of singing which you’ll be humming to yourself after watching it. The movie begins with Jack Skellington who is the pumpkin king of his town.

Jack has become bored of doing the same things for Halloween every year. As a result he ends up stumbling across the Town of Christmas which inspires him to try and change his own Halloween town. He does his best to get rid of the ghouls, the bats, and other dark creatures that inhabit the area in an attempt to be more like Christmas. As much as Jack tries he has a very hard time making it happen. The townspeople are not convinced and have absolutely no idea how to accomplish this goal of Jack’s. They try and try to get it right but alas they keep failing at every turn because they are much more accustomed to the Halloween spirit. Will Jack be able to convert Halloween Town into Christmas Town? Read below and see how it made into best of netflix canada.


“One of the best movies of the year 1993. It is one you can watch over and over.”

– Plugged In

But it did something to make into best of netflix canada. Part of the main charm in this film is Tim Burtons (director) ability to create such a dark, spooky wonderland and still keep it fun and magical. The entire cast does a great job pulling you into the story, and the musical scenes are some of the best you would expect to find in a legendary cartoon/animation. It is the best of netflix canada because originality of this movie is something to be commended as there is nothing quite like The Nightmare Before Christmas movie. Typically, cartoons made for children are never dark and spooky, but this film pulls it off with great results to boot- hence listed in best of netflix canada.


“It was so darn scary I couldn’t even crack a smile while watching it as a child.”

– Henry A. Tofle

People who had their say in best of Netflix Canada say, this film has many dark tones to it that some children might find frightening. It is not your typical kid’s cartoon like the Lion King, Aladdin, or Beauty and the Beast. It has been said that children find this movie horrifying and not funny. It has even been reported to be one of the most nightmare-inducing children’s movie ever made. The movie has a PG rating, but one could see how it could even inspire a PG-13 as a warning for children not to view it. While I do believe the movie was made for children, it does fall short of being a classic.


To make into best of netflix canada, you have to make it special, and The Nightmare Before Christmas is definitely worth watching because you will never see an animated movie like this one for as long as you live. Although it is most likely not the best movie for all children, but while being in best of netflix canada, it also deserves a lot of credit for standing out of the pack of other Disney movies that were coming out at around the same time. The director pulls you into his own world and doesn’t make any apologies about it. While the opinions whether this should be in best of netflix canada or not, the general consensus is that it is very fun to watch and keeps you entertained all throughout.

The Fog

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Fifth movie in best of netflix canada is here. The people that live at Antonio Island, which is just off of the coast of Oregon, are getting ready to show the town a new status in honor of the 4 men who founded Antonio Island back in the year 1871. Among the people is a descendant of one of the 4 men named Nick Castle who owns his own charter company which is used to entertain tourist when visiting the island. Nick’s girlfriend has been away for 6 months and upon her return to Antonio Island there are a series of things that happen which include horrible deaths which are also accompanied by a mysterious fog which was never there before all of the bad things started happening. At one point in the movie character Elizabeth falls into the ocean where she finds an old journal which dates back to 1871. The year the 4 men settled Antonio Island. The journal entries tell of a man named Blake who in those days purchased half of the island because he needed to start a leper colony. While on his way to the island, Blake is betrayed by the 4 founders. They locked Blake and his people into a vessel, robbed their money, and then set the vessel on fire. Let’s chop this movie down, and reason why this is among the best of netflix canada.


“This film was much better made than the original from John Carpenter.”

– Staci Layne Wilson

When we say it lacks the ability to scare, then how does it make into best of netflix canada? There are reasons that it is in best of netflix canada. Though there are a lot of negative things being said about this movie, there are however some good things to look at. This film improved a lot of the negative aspects that the original film lacked. This newer version of The Fog made the original live action comedy style flick more serious and suspenseful. The CGI effects for this movie were on par with most movies that were being made in the year 2005. For the most part, they looked realistic and did a great job of selling the scene. Horror fans of ghost stories would love this movie a lot- and they are the one who majorly voted for it to be in best of Netflix Canada.


“The biggest disappointment of the Year.”

– IMDB critique

The most common complaint about The Fog movie is it’s lack of suspense or ability to scare you. Some report that they didn’t even get scared once which is pretty bad when horror films are designed for that exact reason. Not being able to elicit any kind of emotional response from the viewers is a very hard pill to swallow. There are many parts of the movie that are inconsistent or make absolutely no sense to the story. Most of the things you do pay attention to are things you really don’t want to be focusing on in the first place.


The Fog movie has had mixed reviews whether it is the best of netflix canada or not, and majority of them were on the downside. It comes down to what you are expecting out of this film. This movie is a great ghost story that is good enough to keep you interested from beginning to end. However, if you are a horror fan, want best of Netflix Canada who is expecting to be scared out of your mind then you will be highly disappointed because this is not that kind of film has it may inadvertently suggest. All in all this movie is recommended to those looking for a good spooky tale. Still good enough to be best of netflix canada, though.


Now for the bottom line for best of netflix canada. Out of all the movies listed as best of netflix canada, the winner has to be Ghostbusters. The reason being that it is best of Netflix Canada, is it has a good combination of what all these movies have. The cast puts on a performance that is as close to perfect as you can get. Voters of best of Netflix Canada say that this chemistry between characters makes for a classic movie you can watch throughout the years and still be entertained by. Although the rest of the movies in best of netflix canada are great in their own right, Ghostbusters is the winner of best of netflix canada today and it’s highly recommended that you give it a chance if you’ve never seen it before, and rate it on your own as well.


This concludes the best of Netflix Canada: Halloween Movies review. There have been some great best of netflix canada movies featured here and they can all be found on Netflix. Best of netflix canada has plenty of great movies to offer you which are not listed here today so be sure to get a membership and check it out for yourself. They have designated categories like horror, and there are subfilters such as best of netflix canada, where you can search and find virtually any type of horror movie you can imagine, even those that rate back into 80s. The price of Netflix is a very competitive one which will bring you a great deal of value, hence you can enjoy best of netflix canada without breaking the bank. The best of Netflix Canada is that many people find that Netflix gives the most entertainment for the least amount of cost than any other online streaming service you can find on the internet.

The support for their website is very fast and friendly. They are always there to assist you. Another best of netflix canada is that they have a rating system where people leave feedback on the movies you are considering watching so you get an idea of what you are getting yourself into. Hence, not only you can enjoy best of netflix canada at reasonable price, but you can enjoy excellent service as well.

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