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Want to know detailed information about some of the best of Netflix Canada? You are at the right place! We have combined movie remarks, thoughts of people and its rating to help you watch the best movie tonight!


One of the world’s leading and widely used internet platform, Netflix, gives an opportunity to enjoy movies and TV series with a wide variety of genres. One can easily access their favorite movies and TV series on the best of Netflix Canada and enjoy their spare time watching them. Because of its low-cost membership and a user-friendly interface, it has become one of the leading sites in the world. The best of Netflix Canada holds a huge and the best variety of shows and movies produced by Netflix that is highly preferred and liked by the people. The collection that best of Netflix Canada has is entirely unique and different from all other sites. This is the reason that this site is always the number one choice of people. Despite watching, those boring movies, now people can enjoy new movies which are totally amazing with a unique storyline. This site also helps people in deciding which movie to watch because of its easy access to people’s reviews and comments regarding the movies. One would never regret after watching the movie because the best of Netflix Canada always have the best collection available for the people. Now, during the holidays, all you have to do is just go to the best of Netflix Canada, select the movie, grab your popcorns and enjoy it. Some of the best of Netflix Canada by us are:

The Breakfast Club

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The very first and one among the best of Netflix Canada is The Breakfast Club (1985). It comes into the category of classic movie which has a blend of both comedy and drama in it. This movie is a very old and a hit tale which is a story of five students, Claire, Andrew, John, Brian and Allison who studies in the same class at Shermer High School. Being classmates and very close friends, Claire and Andrew are a little different from others. In the movie, Clair is a princess, Andrew is an athlete, Brian is a person with the amazing brain, John is a criminal, and Allison a basket case. The only thing these five do have in common is a detention on Saturday of nine hours under the supervision of Mr. Verson in the library together on March 24, 1984, who supervises them from his office across the hall. They were advised to write an essay of minimum one thousand words or more during those nine hours regarding whom they think they are. They started writing something close to this like what they are in the eye of the world or to what extent they were brainwashed into believing themselves. The adventure they had during those nine hours, might lead them to a different opinion of themselves. This movie made to the top of best of Netflix Canada hence listed on of the best of Netflix Canada.


“The Breakfast Club is a film that I will make sure that my children watch when they are teenagers, and hopefully, they will appreciate it as much as I did.”

– Rob from Plugged In

The good aspect of the movie that made its way to the best of Netflix Canada was its depth of the characters beyond the stereotypes. “What the world thinks of me” is a common issue that almost every student believes during their lifetime. So the movie is a true depiction of that side of the students. Many reviewers have hailed the way this movie unfolds the typical student thoughts, its struggles, and breakthroughs. On the other hand, it is a funny movie with amazing roles played by the actors. No wonder why it has been included in the best of Netflix Canada!


“The Breakfast Club” is a brilliant movie. However, the lack of extras (a documentary would have been nice) and the low brow treatment of the transfer lead me to say this disc is not worth the money.

– Amazon Review writer

Some of the negative points because of which The Breakfast Club could not grab everyone’s interest were its theatrical trailer that was severely worn. In reality, during high school detention, students were not allowed to talk to each other, but the students sat and talked about their lives. This sounds hilarious at the same time because no school allows students to talk during their punishment. There were a few more loopholes found in the plot as well, which could easily be detained if thought correctly. For same and similar reasons, the movie had a few backlashes from the viewers, media, and critics as well. Viewers have written tremendously negative comments on those grounds too.


As this movie made to the best of Netflix Canada, the movie is good and worth watching, that is why it made it to best of Netflix Canada. The funny scenes, the depiction of reality, and most importantly the roles played by the characters were amazing which somehow reflected the reality of life. Like mentioned above, the movie has a wonderful way to unfold the typical student and his struggles. If you are a student yourself, you should take out time for this movie. This is a worth watching movie and is high in demand on the best of Netflix Canada.

Bueller’s Day Off

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The second best movie that got the highest votes for the best of Netflix Canada was the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off (1986). It is one of the very few classics included in best of Netflix Canada. This is also an old classical comedy which holds the story of a street kid who is aware of all the tricks to play on people. One day he and two best friends, Cameron and Sloane decide to take a day off from school. He forces Cameron to borrow his father’s Ferrari and hatched a plan to get Sloane out of the class so that they can leave for their adventurous trip. Moreover, one of the suspicious and talented deans always knows about Ferris’ cunning plans, but never catches him. In addition to this, Ferris sister Jeanie always gets angry on Ferris tricks because he easily makes his way out but she doesn’t. He is a very talented boy who, in his parent’s eyes is an ‘angel’ because his parents are not aware of his tricks he plays at school and other places. The adventurous journey is all about Ferris day off, he and his friends do this to enjoy to their fullest.


This is one movie that is a great watch if you are feeling down and need a laugh”

– Amazon reviews writer

A bad movie can never reach the best of Netflix Canada, which means that there were some splendid scenes in the movie as well. The adventurous journey that Ferris took by taking an off from school has been the heartiest desire of many schools going kids. The movie depicts the inner feeling of the students and their ability to enjoy life to the fullest. The funny scenes in the movie were on the list of favorites of the people watching it. Also, the cinematography and screenplay were beautifully thought of and designed, and the actors did justice to their roles. Not for once, you will feel bored.


It has good scenes and some funny moments, but it is just an average movie”

– Flappy Write

As already mentioned, the movie is full of comedy and no doubt it is which had a great, hilarious start, but it took a turn in the middle. After the car destruction part in around the middle of the movie, the screenplay got totally serious. What the seriousness showed in the screenplay was not promised in the plot and trailer. Ferris friend destroyed his father’s car and from that part, the tone of the movie got shifted. The movie is a bit shallow with few ups and downs, and a few loopholes but is great content-wise- hence included in best of Netflix Canada.


Despite some of the issues, the movie made its way to the best of Netflix Canada and got a good number of votes. The voters said that, although the film story changes a bit, it has a good deal of humor in it. The chemistry among the friends shown in the movie is adamant which also represents the value of friendship. The actors performed well. During voting, everyone highly recommended it, but exceptions are always there. If you are looking for a good humor with Sunday night snacks, this movie will never disappoint you, moreover, yes, you can watch it multiple times as well. Therefore, it has been listed in the best of Netflix Canada.


Now for the bottom line for the best of Netflix Canada, out of all the movies, the best and highly rated and viewed the movie is the Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. This movie had a blend of all the movies mentioned above. Moreover, as Netflix being a teenage platform, this movie had the highest views and rankings because it is itself a teenage movie with a great cast. All the characters gave their best in the movie which made it totally amazing and worth watching. The story depicted the inner feeling of every school going person. Moreover, the movie had a great storyline with beautiful direction.


From here it can be concluded that best of Netflix Canada offers the best movies of time with different genres. Not only its best of Netflix Canada comedy movies are excellent, but all other categories hold many other fantastic films. Once you get the membership of Netflix, you can see for yourself and choose the best of Netflix Canada movie of your choice. Moreover, it has not only categories of recent movies but also has many classical tales of the 80’s- something rare in best of Netflix Canada. It can be said without a doubt that Netflix Canada holds a great collection of best of Netflix Canada movies and all its categories are the best with a correct rating of the users. In addition to these, Netflix Canada provides the best service that no other website can. The best of Netflix Canada can moreover help people, in spending their weekends or holidays in a peaceful and relaxing way. Don’t waste your time buying any other subscription offers, except for Netflix Canada and watch the best of Netflix Canada. Trust us; you will not be disappointed!

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