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Netflix has an abundance of awesome movies that you can stream. It’s also got a nice boatload shows you can dive into to keep yourself occupied for some decades. Here is a list of what to watch on Netflix Canada for superhero dramas.


If you’re looking for what to watch on Netflix Canada? Then this guide is for you. Rather than wasting your time and subscription on what to watch on Netflix Canada I will teach you the easy way to find a superhero movie that will trigger your emotion, and, cause tears to fall from your eyes. You might be wondering if I’m pulling your leg. Honestly, I which I was, but here’s the fact, if you carefully read this guide through, you’ll know what work and what doesn’t: as you choose what to watch on Netflix Canada. Ready? Lets get started!

Superhero Drama

what to watch on netflix canada - Gotham
what to watch on netflix canada - Daredevil
what to watch on netflix canada - Jessica-Jones
what to watch on netflix canada - Young-Justice


First on our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada for superhero drama is this show. Ever dive deep in watching the most high profile murder case ever? Well, you will love Gotham for its compelling screenplay. The show revolves around the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne and in the early days of the police department in Gotham. Several scenes will make you love the show as it is thrilling and shows the beginning stories of several Batman villains including the Penguin. It is worth watching the show especially if you love the Batman series and also love watching thrilling movies. Gotham receives 90% positive review from thousand of people, you’ll ever love the tv show.

Marvel’s Daredevil

While other shows might be okay for kids, wait till your children go to bed at night and watch this masterpiece created by Drew Goddard, for Netflix. It’s an American web series based on Marvel Comics character of the same name the dark and violent crime make it enjoyable and supernova. Daredevil is the first ordered Netflix series join by Marvel’s Jessica Jones, Marvel’s Luke Cage, and others. A blind lawyer is the last person you will expect to be a vigilante, but that’s exactly what you will get in this movie. This show will definitely help you decide what to watch on netflix canada for superhero dramas and add it to your Netflix Watch List.

Marvel’s Jessica Jones

If you haven’t see the marvel’s Jessica Jones Netflix series, then it’s time to do yourself a favor. Stop whatever you’re doing right now, head over to Netflix and stream the entire series. You probably should just head home and watch the show, unless you have gotten into some indulgence that will pay your Netflix bill to look at the series. It revolves about the superhero who become the private owner of alias investigator, the graphic nature of Jessica Jones will shock some viewers and make them want to watch more. So look at the show right now. It’s a really impressive show that everyone would love watching.

Young Justice

Last on our list of what to watch on netflix canada for superhero dramas is Young Justice is an American best series animation ever made, the movie is superior and will keep you wondering when you have a glimpse view, in fact, it so special that you’d want to save the streaming on Netflix and watch several times. It’s an adaption of DC universe for a particular focus on young superheroes, including you. Yes, I mean it, while the movie is so entertaining that it reveal a life of a superhero, who join fictional members called the team, every sense is so thrilling that it will resonate with your personal experience. You’ll love it very much.


As the weather get calm and the reality sets in, we find our self-relaxing on the couch trying to figure out what to next to watch on our TV series, and chances are your primary goal is trying to figure out what to watch on Netflix Canada. You just got the right clues. The movies list mentioned above is worth watched, and you will love the joy it will create. Comment below to let our reader know what to watch on netflix canada for superhero dramas.

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