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Confused with all the choices and countless genres? No more hassles. Learn to laugh by watching these four recommended Irreverent Comedies that will surely make your day. Never again ask yourself, what to watch on Netflix Canada, here are the best irrelevant comedies.


Bored with the superheroes movies lately? Unsure of what to watch on Netflix Canada? I sure do feel like I have had enough of dreaming of having superpower ability only to wake up every morning with the same routine. I need a little laugh, and I don’t know why I did not put irreverent comedies in my Netflix queue. Having come up with a list of comedy films is a tough job, because of the countless comedy movies out there. Giving options on what to watch on Netflix Canada with these irreverent comedies will surely worth your time, especially with these four stand-up films available for you in your spare time.  Enjoy our list on What to Watch on Netflix Canada: Irreverent Comedies!

Irreverent Comedies

what to watch on netflix canada - Arrested-Development
what to watch on netflix canada - Bojack-Horsemen
what to watch on netflix canada - F-is-for-Family
what to watch on netflix canada - Unbreakable-Kimmy-Schmidt

Arrested Development

Next, on our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada is a story about the wealthy Bluth family whose company is in jeopardy after the head of the household, George Bluth Sr (Jeffrey Tambor) is arrested for defrauding investors. As George’s son and the only “normal” one amongst the family, is Michael Bluth (Jason Bateman) the one trying to save the business and unite the family. Having extravagant, selfish and manipulative family members certainly doesn’t help. Michael is moved by his son’s relationship with the rest of the household, so he tries to keep the family together and runs the company despite being offered another job from a rival company.

Bojack Horsemen

Second on our list of What to Watch on Netflix Canada: Irreverent Comedies is this animated series which tells an artist’s life as the source of their comedy. The series takes place in this different version of Hollywood where humans and anthropomorphic animals interact with each other. This show gives us a hint of what it would be like if animals acted like humans. Bojack is the washed-up star of the 1990s who is still living off the fame and fortune of his sitcom back then. The show spends a lot of time satirizing society which can be downright hilarious. Bojack Horsemen is a comedy, but it’s also an incredibly empathetic picture of middle-aged people

F is for Family

It is a French/American animated sitcom that tells how different a family life was forty years ago. Frank the head of the family who happens to be a blue collar worker is living a life of discontent. Feeling that he has no blessing and inconvenient, Frank’s constant rant and rave can lead to humor. Along the series, it helps that there is a dynamic change in his professional life. This leads to an, even more, stress Frank at home, but the more he puts terror to his family to more everything goes wrong.

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Last on list of what to watch on Netflix Canada, this show tells a story about an Indiana woman, Kimmy (Ellie Kemper) and her journey in New York City, having her money stolen after she arrives, she finds a job as a nanny for a wealthy Manhattan socialite, Jacqueline Voorhees (Jane Krakowski). The show is full of beautifully gleeful charm, with a central character that can’t stop smiling. While the majority of it may seem like silly fun, it is also very subtly witty satire. The backstory of the doomsday cult, the theme song and whole host of other stuff that is very elegantly put.  If you we missed any shows on our what to watch on Netflix Canada list please let us know in the comments!


If you really want to know what to watch on Netflix Canada, then these 4 TV shows will offer you from the cultural difference that will teach you about something foreign, but also laughter for the different approach of other people. Funny events that happen in our daily life will make us forget all the routines make it seems so dull.

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