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Unsure about what historical dramas What to Watch on Netflix Canada? Knowledge about something historical even with a little bit of plot twist wouldn’t hurt. It will surely give you a different perspective from what you’re normally told to be true.


These 4 historical drama movies just pop out of my head, because I believe it is that good. The combination of great writings and the epic picture just make it all more special. If reading all those books does not make it stick in your head, then I recommend you to watch these movies. If only they made movies for everything taught in history class, I  personally would definitely enjoy it a lot more. You do not need to wonder what to watch on Netflix Canada anymore, as I will give you a recommendation for movies that’s definitely worth to watch and worth your time.  So without further a do here is our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada!

Historical Dramas

what to watch on netflix canada - The-Paradise
what to watch on netflix canada - Downton-Abbey
what to watch on netflix canada - Mad-Men
what to watch on netflix canada - Narcos

The Paradise

First on the list for what to watch on Netflix Canada, is a story of a young woman who works in a department store and gets herself into the beauty of the modern world. A thoroughly delightful series to watch with the setting, scenery and sets are near perfect. It draws you into the place that is the Paradise, England’s first department store, Tollgate Street and its many merchants and the surrounding countryside. The show drops us into Victorian England and shows us a variety of class members through stories of their lives. The relationships and backstories of each character are drawn out a bit at a time with Joanna Vanderham stars as Denise.  Read on for what else what to watch on netflix canada.

Downton Abbey

Next on our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada is this show.  Set in the English countryside, Lord Grantham (Hugh Bonneville) sees his family heritage, especially the grand country home Downton Abbey a mission. This show is a masterpiece of a social study of the times at the turn of the 19th and early 20th century. It is a brilliant show that explores every facet of society as it was structured before, during and right after the WWI. People missing their dear ones on the homefront are so detached yet firm to accept the destinies of men sent to foreign land to fight. It is not a melodramatic movie at any cost. It is purely the perception of people and what they went through during those years of men who left to a foreign land to fight.

Mad Men

The main Madmen is the confident womanizer Don Draper (Jon Hamm), who is the head of a Creative department at a mid-sized advertisement agency in the 1960s. It was as if the world itself had been turned upside down and shaken. It shows chronicles a decade of transformative, cataclysmic change through the eyes of a handful of lecherous, hard living ad execs. With tasks to express and control his wishes of culture, Don Draper lives the dream at the same time sells them. He eventually believes the lies he sells. It is not about the perfect vacation spot for him but ending up with the right woman for him.  Truly, one of our top picks for what to watch on Netflix Canada.


Finally on our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada is Narcos.  The well renowned Pablo Escobar (Wagner Moura) another side of his life is being shared on the show.  It’s the drama about the rise of Colombian drug cartels, his life story showing the growth and spreading of such cartels worldwide. The efforts of the law to put him in bars ends in bloody conflict injuring and killing many on both sides. Though these are fictionalized stories those that actually happened at the beginning of the 1970’s. It was the start of a new era of hooking of wealthy American people on drugs to make a lot of money. The story is shown through the eyes of an agent from the Drug Enforcement Administration Steve Murphy (Boyd Holbrook). He was among those sent to Columbia from the US to end and destabilize these cartels.


Now that you know what to watch on Netflix Canada, then these 4 shows will give you more insight aside from the history book you read years ago. It is definitely worth your time, and it will make you more appreciative of the life you have now and the sacrifice done by these heroes.  Enjoy what to watch Netflixlix Canada!

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