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In the weekends or when it’s freezing outside, and you need to watch something thrilling, You don’t just want to look at it, you need it and wondering where to begin? Never wonder what to watch on Netflix Canada as there are plenty of shows and movies to watch.


If you’re a crime drama junkie, and you’re currently often looking for what to watch on Netflix Canada. You’re in the right place. After all, who wouldn’t love to watch a crime drama with a lot of mysteries to be solved and a perfect reason to get to the end. Netflix has a treasure trove of great, excellent tv shows. These shows will certainly cure annoying long weekends. Here’s the best-curated list of What to Watch on Netflix Canada for Crime Dramas. Here are the the one that stands out. Ready to discover?

What to Watch on Netflix Canada: Crime Dramas

what to watch on netflix canada - Luther
what to watch on netflix canada - The-Killing
what to watch on netflix canada - Better-Call-Saul
what to watch on netflix canada - Bloodline


First on our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada: Crime Dramas is Luther. Luther is a British crime movie starring Idris Elba as the main character, firstly aired on BBC one throughout July 2011, it a logical crime drama movie to watch, currently back for season 3 following the success of season 1 and season 2, Luther is a thrilling crime drama to watch. All season and episode are now provided on Netflix, you can’t wait to go stream the movie and have a glimpse view, got nothing to do at the weekend? The series will help you get through those boring hour. Find a quiet place and go watch the fantastic show.

The Killing

If Luther did not solve your inquiry then of what to watch on Netflix Canada, then try this out. Ever experience what it takes to be a veteran criminal? Sterling Hayden is an experienced criminal trying to steal $2million from the money counting room of racetrack during a featured race. With a great team of a corrupt cop, the show is a Kickstarter to helping you dive into deeper memory and see the ways cruel operation are being carried out. With over millions of views and nominated for BAFTA Film Award, and featured on Roger Ebert list of great movies. The series will grab your attention and drive you into several hours of commitment. Current trending on Netflix, catch it.

Better Call Saul

Third on our list of what to watch on Netflix Canada is Better Call Saul. This show is an American crime movie series by Vince Gilligan, and it’s frankly about the trial and tribulation of a lawyer James Morgan. The beautiful crime drama has generated several nominations including a seven-time Primetime Emmy Award, Writer’s Guild of America Award, and a Screen Actor Guild Award for the beautiful screen display. This is why it’s a must watch on Netflix, and it should make your favorite list, or you can even keep it under your radar. Take a pause now and make a quick switch to Netflix to go have a glimpse.


Lastly on our list of What to Watch on Netflix Canada for Crime Dramas is Bloodline. While you might be wondering the crime movies that will make a beautiful watch at a perfect weekend or during some free time, Bloodline is an American tv show and Netflix original crime drama thriller by Todd A Kessler. The series narrates a beautiful story of adult siblings who found out that their past secret and family scars are revealed when the black sheep of their brother returns home. While the movie has attracted several nominations and currently trending on Netflix, now is the perfect time to go have a watch. With a lot of real mysteries to explore.


The movies listed above has a very high tendency of rising your emotions, place you in the world of mysteries while you wait for the end, parts some are 20 hours long so the end might not come quickly as you expected. But the time invested worth it, still pondering on what to watch on Netflix Canada? Above is a well researched comprehensive list to start with. You’ll love it. Still not sure What to Watch on Netflix Canada for Crime Dramas check the comment below to the answer.

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