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A Quick List of Some of the Best Netflix Canada Movies

Netflix Canada provides a comfortable and friendly platform to those who are very much fond of watching movies but can’t decide which one to which. It has not only the best categories but also many best movies of the best categories. Best of Netflix Canada movies is based on the ratings or the users, their comments and reviews help them in making an easy and good decision regarding which movie to watch. As Netflix Canada movies have tons of famous movies, some of the best out of those are, Mean Girls, The fundamentals of caring, Oldboy, The Imitation Game, Breaking Bad, City of God, Dexter, The Choir and much more. A brief description on some of its best movies is discussed below:

The Fundamentals of Caring

First on our is of the Best of Netflix Canada Movies is: The fundamentals of caring made it to one of the best of Netflix Canada movies because of its fantastic storyline and well performed the cast. This Netflix Canada movies comes in the category of drama, comedy, and independent movies. The story of this movie is about an angry teen, who lost his father in his early days of childhood when he was three years old. He never left his home, kissed a girl or traveled anywhere, but would always sit on a wheelchair. One day his new male caregiver takes him on a lifetime road trip that was enjoyed by both of them. Clearly, it deserved to be in the best of Netflix Canada movies.  Keep reading four our Bext Best of Netflix Canada Movie ranking.

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Imitation Game

This is the second best that made it to the Netflix Canada movies which were highly rated and liked among the users. This thrilling movie has a touch of classical drama and comes in the category of Gay and lesbian movies. Moreover, the storyline of this Netflix Canada movie is based on a real-life story of a legendary cryptanalyst, Alan Turing. This Netflix Canada movie beautifully portrays the darkest days of World War 2 during which Alan Turing along with his brilliant code-breaker team at Bletchley Park tries to know the code of German Enigma machine. In the movie, Alan Turing is a homosexual mathematics genius who, along with his team is successfully able to develop a new tool to decipher Enigma.

The Choir

This movie is another best one from the best of Netflix Canada movies. It is a child and a family movie which is a story of an 11-year-old orphan boy from Texas named, Stet, who is a troubled and an angry person. After the death of his single mother, he ends up joining a Boy Choir school in the East. Moreover, in this Netflix Canada movie the choir master, who after seeing the orphan’s struggle recognizes a unique talent in him, and pushes him to discover his creativity about music in his heart and soul. Keep reading for our best Best of Netflix Canada Movies ranking.

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Justice League: War

The fourth movie that was highly viewed and is the best from Netflix Canada movies was the Justice League: War. This Netflix Canada movie is an action and adventurous movie with fantastic thrilling scenes that takes youngsters and the teenagers into a word of fantasy. The science fiction category of Netflix Canada movies is one of the best. This science fiction movie is based on a Dc comic, which is a story of, how Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Green Lantern and other justice league members get to know each other. It builds around how they team up, and protect earth from an alien invasion. It also unfolds how the aliens plan the invasion, guarded by Darkseid evil lord of the planet Apokolips.

This was the list of our best Netflix Canada movies. If you think any other movie should have been added to the best Netflix Canada movies, let us know in the comments section!


All these movies discussed were some of the best from Netflix Canada movies which were highly viewed and rated movies by authenticated users on Netflix Canada. However, many other reviews about movies and blogs are also available which would help in making your choice and decision easy regarding any movie to watch. A wise person would first read the reviews and then watch it so that he can enjoy his/her spare time. For more information regarding the film world, please consider our other blogs and articles.

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