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A Quick List of Some of the Best Netflix Canada Movies

There are lots of great documentaries on Netflix Canada Movies, most of which are tastefully and artistically done that you would almost mistake them for feature length movies. This goes to show that documentaries are beginning to get mainstream media attention. It is gradually becoming evident by the day, that a handful of the movie buffs demography are now starting to find documentaries interesting to watch, especially on video streaming sites, such as Netflix Canada Movies. Some instances of these documentaries include The Intouchables, Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory, Twinsters, The Resurrection of Jake the Snake. Here’s our take on these Netflix Canada Movies

The Intouchables

The Intouchables is a comedy buddy movie—now on Netflix Canada Movies—based on a real life story. It is a tale of an awkwardly exciting friendship between two unlikely pals. One of them is the wealthy Philippe (François Cluzet) à quadriplegic, a victim of a paragliding accident, and the other being the witty poor caregiver of Philippe, known as Driss (Omar Sy), a Senegalese immigrant. The movie showcases the stark dichotomy between two communities: the urbane world of Saint-Germain-des-Prés, and the degraded urban jungle that banlieues are known for. See The Intouchables on Netflix Canada Movies because it a movie with a heart.

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Alive Inside: A Story of Music and Memory

Now available on Netflix Canada Movies, Alive Inside is a documentary that chronicles the humanitarian efforts of Dan Cohen, an American, who is the founder of a non-profit organization known as Music and Memory. Mr. Cohen takes it upon himself to visit various nursing homes to ensure that every patient resident in these hospices has their mobile music players(mp3) filled with their favorite type of music. Dan Cohen is a firm believer in the enormous power that music has, and believes it can help alleviate the conditions of memory-impaired patients. So do visit Netflix Canada Movies to see this flick.


Another top documentary on Netflix Canada Movies; Twinsters follows the life of Samantha Futerman, from when she unexpectedly met and reunited with her lost twin sister, known as Anais Bordier, after 25 years. Miss Futerman had seen Miss Bordier in a YouTube video and was shocked at the uncanny semblance between both of them. After making further inquiries, Miss Futerman discovered that she was born on the same day as Miss Bordier, and also in Busan, South Korea. This a documentary to look out for on Netflix Canada Movies, and is worth every bit of your time.

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The Resurrection of Jake the Snake

Now also available on Netflix Canada Movies, this documentary by Steve Yu chronicles the post-glorious life of the one-time darling of WWE professional wrestling, Jake “the Snake” Roberts. Mr. Roberts was once at the top of his game as a professional wrestler, but after he retired in 2011, the life seemed to follow suit, as he plunged into despondency. He became emotionally unstable, obese, and an alcoholic with two failed marriages. Every friend he had abandoned him, except Diamond Dallas Page, a one-time colleague. This documentary is raw, heartbreaking, and real; it is worth seeing on Netflix Canada Movies.


These are just some of the great movies available on Netflix Canada Movies, for your delight. These movies are surely worth your time and are quite educative, emotional, uplifting, and down-to-earth. Do well to visit Netflix Canada Movies, to have access to…and also see these movies. For reviews on more great films, please do not fail to visit our blog at any time and you will be glad you did.

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