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Not sure what the Best Movies on Netflix Canada in Sci-Fi are? To satisfy your needs for Sci-Fi, you can discover and watch various Sci-Fi movies on our blog


We’ve got a list of some of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada! In the world of Netflix Canada, you can find any movie under the sun. There is everything for anyone, including Sci-Fi fans. You can find newly released movies, or, if you are a lover of classics, you can find some classic Sci-Fi movies. If you have no idea the Best Movies on Netflix Canada the range of Sci-Fi movies, see some recommendations down below. These movies will help you relax and enjoy your day with friends or family or even if you are alone at home resting.


Best Movies on Netflix Canada - Synchronicity
Best Movies on Netflix Canada - Area-51
Best Movies on Netflix Canada - Dark-Skies
Best Movies on Netflix Canada - ET


First, on our list of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada for Sci-Fi is Synchronicity. Synchronicity is a 2016 science fiction film directed by Jacob Gentry. It stars Chad McKnight, A. J. Amateur and brave physicist named Jim Beale has made a time machine with the power of bending space and time. Everything goes well until tycoon Klaus Meisner shows interest in possessing Beale’s invention. After Jim uses his time machine, a rare Dahlia from the future shows up. Physicist’s task, to get rights for his invention, is to find a matching Dahlia in the present, and the matching flower is in the hands of mysterious girl Abby, to whom Jim reveals all his secrets. Afraid that Abby might be in partnership with Klaus, he travels in time to stop Klaus’ conspiracy and finds many surprising things about Abby, the machine, and his future.

Area 51

Next, on our list of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada for Sci-Fi is Area 51. Area 51 is found SF footage film directed by Oren Peli. Film stars Benjamin Rovner, Reid Warner, and Darin Bragg. This movie follows a story of three teenage conspiracy theorists Reid, Darrin, and Ben in their attempt to fully discover the secrets of world’s most mysterious military base – Area 51 in the Nevada desert. When breaking in into Area 51 facilities, they encounter a lot of unexplainable things.

Dark Skies

Third, on our list of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada for Sci-Fi is Dark Skies. This bone-chilling film which is a mix of science fiction is an on-screen story about the middle-class Barret family living in the suburbia. Their ideal and peaceful life is shaken when a series of terrifying and odd start to happen in and around their family home. It seems that the Barret spouses and their children are targets of something not from planet Earth.

E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial

Last, on our list of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada for Sci-Fi is ET. E.T.: The Extra-Terrestrial is a 1982 American epic science fiction film. It is directed by Steven Spielberg. It stars Henry Thomas, Dee Wallace, Rober MacNaughton, Drew Barrymore and Peter Coyote. This heartwarming movie is about boy Elliot making a friendly bond with a creature not from our planet. E.T. is stuck on Earth after he is left alone by his fellow alien botanists who came on an expedition to research Earth. As his days pass with Elliot, E.T. bonds with him more and more and E.T. learns to communicate with Elliot, his little sister Gertie and Michael, Elliot’s older brother. Everything seems ideal for E.T. on Earth, but he desperately wants to go home, so he sends messages to his planet, but there is another problem, task forces want to take E.T. away from Elliot and to present to the world the first visitor from outer space. We hope you enjoyed our list of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada!


Netflix Canada sure does offer a vast range of Sci-Fi movies to watch and discover, from new releases to all-time classics. If you still don’t know the Best Movies on Netflix Canada in Sci-Fi category, re-read the list above, or visit Netflix Canada and choose for yourself which Sci-Fi movie flick you’ll be watching. These are movies that will bring old memories from your childhood, remember watching E.T with your family and friends.

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