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Shows or movies? Shows or movies?! What are the best shows on Netflix Canada? If you have been plagued by this question – don’t worry, we have been too. It’s always a hard choice and we will help you make it. Read on to find out how TV shows have conquered the world of movies!  Read our blog for the Best Shows on Netflix Canada!

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Have the Best Shows on Netflix Canada Surpassed Movies?

While it is a fact universally acknowledged that movies have been the supreme form of entertainment for quite some time now, it might seem that the tables are slowly but gradually turning. In fact today people are more concerned about the best shows on Netflix Canada than the best movies: Movies have had their prime and in today’s world it would seem that their lesser TV counterparts, i.e., TV shows, are nigh taking the lead. And especially with the onslaught of fluid streaming options such as Netflix TV shows have become all the rage these days. In fact, the best shows on Netflix Canada to watch are all readily available on Netflix Canada, the best of which will be expounded in detail in this article.

What this article also expounds is an account of why TV shows have assumed dominance over their box office colleagues and why people are more interested, generally speaking, in TV shows than in watching movies. Of course this doesn’t necessarily mean that TV shows have completely outdone movies in their regard – no, people still want to watch movies yet it is with growing interest that people have taken to consuming TV shows in lieu of movies and a lot of it has to do with the ready availability of streaming substitutes like Netflix.

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Reason #1: Chronology and Chemistry

The primary and most significant reason why the Best Shows on Netflix Canada are now endorsed with a better assemblage of audience, than movies is the same reason behind a movie like Lord of the Rings having more fans than a single installment movie. Having moved into the era of realism, like with the advent of the novel in Literature suggested, the masses are usually more concerned with the chronological development in the movie or show they are watching. Most of the movies that are being produced have a messy chronology, with spaces of months and years being covered in a three hour movie.

People however are more satisfied if they can keep up with the story for a longer time than usual, which is exactly the reason why the Lord of the Rings was so successful – it was longer than usual movies and had two equally bulky sequels following it. Thus the people were hooked, they knew they would be continuing their duration with the characters and the plot a bit longer, and this chronology therefore helped them develop chemistry with the characters. While all movies cannot afford to be long, sequel-studded and chronological, all shows can, and it comes as no big surprise that people have finally started giving TV shows preference over movies.  This is a clear mark of the Best Shows on Netflix Canada.

Reason #2: Character Development

Secondly a characteristic of the best shows on Netflix Canada.  As is the case with chronology, characters in a movie too need time for development – Remember Severus Snape? That guy took seven films to become a fully developed – and a fully loved – character. This is another reason while people prefer to spend time on TV shows, because at their very basic people want to spend time with the characters. The characters on BBC’s War and Peace will be undoubtedly more developed than the characters in the movie of the same name and adapted from the same book. A symbol of the Best Shows on Netflix Canada. Let us take the example of the popular Netflix show House of Cards which stars Kevin Spacey as Majority Whip Frank Underwood involved in his insidious, sinister mission to get to the White House.

While his climb to the White House could have been showcased through a movie just as well, it would never have had the same effect. If House of Cards was a movie, it would depict Frank Underwood becoming the President of the United States in a measly three-hour movie – but as a show it takes two seasons with thirteen episodes each to achieve the feat, all the while accompanied by careful delineation of the character. The longer a character develops, the more the audiences love him- seen in the best shows on Netflix Canada.

Reason #3: Subplots

The issue with movies is that directors and screenwriters have to focus on keeping the plot intact without making it porous by inclusion of subplots, for given the limited time a movie has for its action there can’t be a lot put on the plates. Subplots are key indicators of the best shows on Netflix Canada. Once again if Lord of the Rings was to be considered, then the extreme length of the movie was due to the various subplots that Peter Jackson had running here and there – and even then the movie could not include all that Tolkien put inside his massive three volume legacy.

With a show, however, the boundaries of time are expanded to feasible degrees and this feasibility leave the directors with ample leave to deal affably with the various subplots that may be running. Let us consider Netflix’s ever popular House of Cards again, wherein the subplots of Michael Kelly’s Doug Stamper and Molly Parker’s Jackie Sharp are well-tuned and well in line with the main plot of the protagonists, and while all is kept running simultaneously none is compromised. This pretty much sums up yet another reason why consumers prefer to watch the best shows on Netflix Canada which have more well-rounded characters and more well-rounded plots to movies.

Reason #4: The Binge Watch

The final distinction of the best shows on Netflix Canada.  One tremendous shift that Netflix has brought into the world of TV shows and movies is the possibility of binge watching – if you are a fan of HBO’s Game of Thrones you will have to wait ten full weeks for the season to end, but if you are a fan of Netflix’s House of Cards, you can start watching the political odyssey straight from episode one to thirteen – in one sitting. It was with House of Cards that Netflix experimented the Binge Watch and the experiment resulted in mass adoration and acceptance of the idea that no other TV channels could offer its audiences.

Unlike traditional TV channels and traditional productions, Netflix’s own production House of Cards, dropped all thirteen episodes at once, saving you the anticipation of having to wait week after week. This might very well be the stepping stone that will transform the regular, normal TV culture and perhaps incite a new era of what has fondly been called binge watching.  These four reasons, as well as other demonstrate what  the best shows on Netflix Canada are made of.

Don’t Believe Us? Check the Reviews!

Best Shows on Netflix Canada, all in all, TV culture is changing and TV shows are gaining the upper hand while movies struggle to keep up with the rival’s stardom. If you are in search of the best movies or the best shows to watch on Netflix Canada – and if you are in mood of a binge-watching spree, be sure to check out our website ranking to land on the very best that there are! Remember that there is absolutely no shortage of the best shows on Netflix Canada – it is teeming with them and we are more than happy to oblige you with the reviews!

And the Winner Is…

It all boils down to this: no movie is either “good” or “bad” but those that agree with our temperament and those which do not. Of course there are factors to be taken into consideration when you assess a movie – factors that we have expounded above like character development, plot, chronology, etc. But in the end it all is subjective: as long as your heart agrees with a movie it’s good to go, and as long as it doesn’t even the best movie won’t look appealing enough for you. Binge watching bad movies is as bad an idea as it gets, and we have a plethora of good movies to keep you thoroughly engaged! If it’s the ranking you’re concerned about, as we have aforementioned we are always here to help you out to find the best shows on Netflix Canada!