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Year of Netflix Founding

Best Movies on Netflix Canada, The minds behind the streaming giant Netflix seem to have understood a long time ago that people wanted to watch movies and TV shows, not waste their time over clerks and queues, and thus what started as a DVD-by-mail venture has now evolved amicably and takes its position as the sole streaming guru, ranking far above HBO Go, Cinema Now, and other contemporaries.

What started with YouTube has now taken a leap of a thousand leagues and we have landed in the time period that deals with more efficient streaming options than before – gone are the days of people having to queue up in long lines for video tapes, having to pay late fees for over-keeping tapes, having to deal with annoying geeky clerks, or any other technicalities that are more often than not annoying. An ever-expanding virtual library of TV shows and movies, Netflix continues to out-rival all of its adversaries, and owing to the fact that Blockbuster and Hollywood Video are dismissed into extinction, Netflix definitely takes the lead when it comes to streaming TV, and its popularity soars up by the minute.  Read on to find the Best Movies on Netflix Canada.

Are the Best Movies on Netflix Canada just as good as Netflix USA?

While it is understood by default that this wildly growing culture of what has often been termed “Netflix and Chill” started in the U.S. of A, why, there is no doubting the fact that Netflix in Canada is just as good. The best movies on Netflix Canada are waiting for you to watch them! For all it matters, the people in Canada aren’t all that different from their Southern neighbors, and despite their chilly surroundings they too would rather sit warm and cozy in their beds and stream Netflix than stand in long queues for video tapes.

Besides, the fact that Americana Glocalization is a phenomenon widespread as of today, especially when it comes to ease with regards personal use, who would not like to stream through the vast library that is setting new milestones of popularity day by day? The traditional TV and videotape culture deteriorates even as we speak and so emerges Netflix with its wide array of entertainment to offer.  Our blog has the best movies on Netflix Canada you should already be watching.

Year of Netflix IPO

Are Proxy Servers Stealing? / Why you don’t have to Break the Law to Watch the Best Movies on Netflix Canada

Total Number of Netflix Subscribers

Watching Best Movies on Netflix Canada is fun and harmless however there have been people who come up with the ingenious – or so they think – ideas of proxy servers so that they can sneakily watch what is being produced in other regions and thus, they propose, lies the possibility of watching what you want and not having to pay for it, videotapes or otherwise. Tales of such proxies have been understood and excitedly told and retold in hushed whispers throughout the state, and have enticed many a youngsters – and adults! – to try the charms of what is, for want of a better word, a crime. A crime it most indubitably is, constitutionally and otherwise, to employ the uses of a proxy server and watch something without paying what it is worth.

Know that when you choose to criminally gain access to a production in such manner you are usurping not just the copyrights of the production team but the rights of every single person who put even an iota of their effort into the feat. Proxy servers and what we call “torrents” have largely becomes a problem for production teams and are the main source behind plagiarism of content – and by all standards that are ethical, constitutional, or otherwise moral, it remains a crime to use them.  No need to break the law, watch the best movies on Netflix Canada now!

Types of Genres Found Netflix Canada

Netflix Canada is not an archaic branch by any means, and contains a treasure and a vast variety of genres for video consumers to choose from. It pertains to gumption and common understanding that no two people prefer the same genre of movies and TV shows and for a nation as versatile as that of Canada, Netflix Canada has no less to offer than a diverse range of options to select from. From Romance to Tragedy, Crime to Thriller, Horror to Comedy, Netflix Canada comes packed with a miscellaneous assemblage of genres that leave no space for discontent and dissatisfaction.  All these genres are found in the Best Movies on Netflix Canada.

Drama, Noir, Neo noir, Psychological Thriller, Cult Classics, Slasher, Sitcom, and even hybrid genres for instance Romantic Comedy, Romantic Tragedy, Tragicomedy, Horror Comedy – all are safely vaulted within Netflix’s assortment. The TV shows similarly are not simply constricted to a certain theme – and no, not all TV shows on Netflix are about American politics – but like the movies that are their counterparts, have much to offer. If the issue if that of diversity, then surely Netflix comes well packed with a merry amalgamation of almost all the known genres that exist, and will not leave you wanting.  This post is almost done so you can start watching the Best Movies on Netflix Canada!

Percentage of Netflix Users that come from outside the US

What are the Characteristics of a Great Movie?

Number of Hours per Month that Users Spend Watching Netflix

Since the issue here is good movies – which also just happens to be the very reason people resort to succumb to Netflix and its various, undeniable charms – then a projection of the issue is always the dilemma of what constitutes a good movie and what constitutes a bad one. Real recognizes real, the same with best movies on Netflix Canada.  Plagued as we are by the pestilence of Michael Bay and Brian Singer movies, we find ourselves time and again wrought between the great valleys of doubt: what, we ask ourselves, makes a movie good and what makes it bad? For some movie geeks the answer comes as simple as abc: a good director makes a good movie, they will tell you. Now no one needs to be told that Alfred Hitchcock’s movies are beyond a doubt excellent, and Stanley Kubrick’s, and Steven Spielberg’s, but that is about as far as our knowledge of directors goes – whosoever is famous floats our boat, and we disregard others that might be not popular but masters in their own right.  Similar movies are found in the Best Movies on Netflix Canada.

As far as the masses are concerned we take anything that is in vogue or already famous for granted – for instance no one doubts Quentin Tarantino’s genius with film making but more often than not people would think Tarantino’s best movie was Pulp Fiction when Reservoir Dogs doesn’t get the attention it deserves owing to the popularity of the former. The movie geeks aren’t wrong, yes, a film director by and large does decide the fate of a movie, but it is not the only factor that one should take into consideration.

The Major Challenge of Finding the Best Movies on Netflix Canada

By and large the challenge of finding the best movies on Netflix Canada stands towering above our heads when we recline leisurely on our couches and home theatres. As has been discussed above, directors have impact on the worth of the movie, yes, and with lesser known directors we can always rely on their resumes – that is, their earlier movies. With newer and more recent directors one always has to take a gamble, but if you are one of those who despise wasting their time you had better resort to what the critics are saying about whatever movie it is you plan to devour.  We’ve got lists of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada throughout our website!

Remember that while trash such as The Transformers may reign supreme at the box office it never fared well with the critics, and as is the case with good books, one must rely on critics for the sake of good movies. Another prudent measure would be to avoid whatever is “popular,” just for the sake of its repute. It is commonly found that “popular” movies such as high school musicals or testosterone filled fantasies almost always earn reproach from leading critics.  Still not sure of the Best Movies on Netflix Canada keep reading, if you need some help ur blogs got the answer.

Number of Hours per Month that Users Spend Watching the Best Movies on Netflix Canada

Watch the Best Movies on Netflix Canada: Don’t Binge Watch Bad Ones

Number of Hours per Day that Users Spend Watching the Best Movies on Netflix Canada

Yet another aspect to keep in mind, other than the director and the repute of the movie among critics, is to assess the people involved in the making of the movie. There are names that have become legends in their own right and would add considerable weight to any movie they were connected with, whether it was co-direction, production, or more commonly, acting. If a movie involves, say, Ian Mckellen or Christopher Lee, one knows the movies are good to go. There isn’t any singular factor that decides the greatness of a movie, but numerous factors that together incite the verdict. Of course, when it comes to choosing movies, the verdict of which are the best movies to watch on Netflix Canada will obviously resonate closely with your preference of movie types. If you are greatly fond of, let’s say, the dark and the dubious, any movie by the reputed Coen Brothers will do for you.

On the other hand if you like black-and-white lesser action filled and more dialogue oriented movies, 12 Angry Men and To Kill a Mockingbird will be undoubtedly more to your taste than the Coen’s No Country for Old Men or Fargo. The bottom line is, while all four of these aforementioned movies are cult classics and critically acclaimed legacies, the one which appeals more to your taste will turn up as the winner of your best movie debate – your preference matters most. And if the best movies on Netflix Canada are to be found ins scores, why binge watch bad ones?

The Canadian Movie Culture: Actors, Directors, Movies

Best Movies on Netflix Canada will make you proud to be a Canadian! While it is no great secret that Canadians watch the best movies on Netflix Canada in their spare hours, one would still not like it very much that he or she spend should spend three hours in front of a screen and they should prove distasteful and a dire waste of time – therefore sprouts the purpose of finding a good movie to watch that should neither be too dry for understanding or glossy to a fault. Movies while certainly are a standby for entertainment there is no questioning that even entertainment can be cultivated and polished. It is therefore always advisable – and heed, for this is word to the wise – to spend your time watching movies that are good, wholesome and with some degree of a message withholding instead of going on a ruthless and fruitless binge watching spree of all the trash Hollywood has ever produced.  The best Candian actors and directors can be watched in the Best Movies on Netflix Canada.

And as it turns out, Canada is not far behind when it comes to acting and movies – contrary to popular belief, Canada has produced more than just Justin Bieber, it is in fact homeland to some legendary actors who have made names for themselves in very short spans of time. Rachel McAdams from Mean Girls, Neve Campbell from the Scream series and Jim Carrey from many a comic movies are only three of the biggest Canadian names who reign in Hollywood. Michael Cera, Hayden Christensen, Nathan Fillon, Ryan Gosling, and many other Canadians belong to the gentry of A-list actors. There are even those like Leslie Nielsen from Dracula, Dead and Loving It who is considered a legendary actor and is renowned for his skill. Canadians have thus their fair share of contributing to this vast industry, and a rich legacy at that, and why shouldn’t then Canadians be fond of Netflix Canada?

Percentage of Netflix Users that Binge-Watch Shows

Why Watching the Best Movies on Netflix Canada with Loved Ones is Good for You!

Total Percentage of Netflix Subscribers Who Use Their Computers to Stream and Watch

Best Movies on Netflix Canada we’d like to add to the list of factors that make a movie enjoyable is to be added – it is the fact that the best movies to watch are those that are watched with your families and with your loved ones, with your friends and with your kids. And besides, there never was a rule that demanded exclusion of acquaintances and siblings from your modes of entertainment, was there ever? Landing on a the best Movies on Netflix Canada and settling down to watch it is a great treat, but finding a good movie and settling down to devour it surrounded by your loved ones is even better. Nothing washes away exhaustion like the support and proximity of people who matter, and there never was a better duo than your favorite films and your favorite people than watching a good movie on Netflix Canada with your family.

This website will help you navigate through the variety of options to select from the Best Movies on Netflix Canada and help you overcome the big challenge that finding good movies and shows could prove to be, and you will be thus ably provided for so long as you value our judgment and verdict. If your concern is a quest for the best movies on Netflix Canada then throw away your worries for we have you well covered!

Netflix Canada & Chill | Best Movies on Netflix Canada

The gist of this entire argument is simple as it is intriguing: movies have taken the backseat, TV shows now control the steering wheel and both are available in abundance on Netflix Canada. While there are a lot of bad movies you may be wary of, there are countless good movies and TV shows to cover up for them, and we will help you decide what are the best movies to watch on Netflix Canada– what you need to be watching right now!

Numerous genres and a whole list of Canadian actors and actresses in most of the movies ought to compel you enough to check out what awaits you – and we assure you, you will not be disappointed!  You’ve read to the end! Now you can find watch the Best Movies on Netflix Canada! Get idea about the Best Movies on Netflix Canada on our blog.

The Best Movies on Netflix Canada have Different Categories